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Principal  –  Karen DeCicco kdecicco@sd62.bc.ca

Vice Principal – Ceilidh Deichmann  cdeichmann@sd62.bc.ca

Administration Assistant  –  Lea Marshall lmarshall@sd62.bc.ca

Classroom Teachers

Kelly Hancock  Kindergarten khancock@sd62.bc.ca

Mikaela Miller  Kindergarten mimiller@sd62.bc.ca

Marnie Ferguson  Kindergarten mferguson@sd62.bc.ca

Liska Rodger  Kindergarten lrodger@sd62.bc.ca

Elisha Stracker Grade 1 estracker@sd62.bc.ca

Tammy Bennett  Grade 1 tbennett@sd62.bc.ca

Pauline Maclean  Grade 1 pmaclean@sd2.bc.ca

Lauren Chislett  Grade 1 lchislett@sd62.bc.ca

Cathy March Grade 1/2 cmarch@sd62.bc.ca

Amanda Chalmers Grade 3/4  achalmers@sd62.bc.ca

Shawna Weiss  Grade 2 sweiss@sd62.bc.ca

Michelle O’Regan  Grade 2 moregan@sd62.bc.ca

Laura Parker  Grade 2 ldeweerd@sd62.bc.ca

Dominique Devane/Maxie Southern  Grade 3 ddevane@sd62.bc.ca

Chelsea Sihota  Grade 3 csihota@sd62.bc.ca

Jo Saunders/Ceilidh Deichmann  Grade 3/4 cdeichmann@sd62.bc.ca/jsaunders@sd62.bc.ca

Josh Johnson  Grade 4 jjohnson@sd62.bc.ca

Christy Jones Grade 4/5 cjones@sd62.bc.ca

Matthew Barker  Grade 5 mbarker@sd62.bc.ca

Rob Cook  Grade 5 rcook@sd62.bc.ca


Nevada Kaludjer- Music Teacher nkaludjer@sd62.bc.ca

Angie Cauthers- ADST/Learning Support acauthers@sd62.bc.ca

Rachel Lerhe  – Inclusion Support rlerhe@sd62.bc.ca

Julie Spencer- Teacher Librarian and Learning Assistance jspencer@sd62.bc.ca

Rhia Wardell- Literacy Intervention, Inclusion Support, Learning Assistance rwardell@sd62.bc.ca

Jennifer Aubichon – Learning Assistance jaubichon@sd62.bc.ca

Heather Finlay- Inclusion Support and Learning Assistance hfinlay@sd62.bc.ca

Shae-Lynn Mellors – Student Engagement Facilitator smellors@sd62.bc.ca

Fran Bitoni- Occupational Therapist

Sherry Niles- Speech and Language Pathologist

Shannon Gomboc – Counsellor sgomboc@sd62.bc.ca